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Wi-Fi that works

  • Nokia WiFi is a home mesh system that provides fast and reliable coverage throughout your home.
  • Devices stay on the best Wi-Fi channel with the fastest bandwidth.
  • Your network is kept free from interference (microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices and your neighbor's Wi-Fi).
  • Walk around the house while on a video call, or streaming a movie, without dropping the signal!
Wi-Fi that works

Are you a Service Provider?

Wi-Fi for the world you live in

Best performance

Always get the highest speed, no matter what interference you experience in your house.

Seamless re-routing

Designed for performance, the mesh network intelligently finds the best path to send data in as fast as 500ms.


Easy to install

A smart mobile app, and Beacons that install each other. What more do you need?

Contemporary design

The Beacon aesthetic is clean and modern, designed to blend seamlessly into your home environment.


Which one do you need?

Beacon 1

beacon 1

  • An affordable mesh router (AC1200)
  • For HD video and some 4K video
  • Use up to 4 Beacons to cover a medium-sized house*
  • In case you have 2-3 neighbors

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Beacon 3

beacon 3

  • A premium mesh router (AC3000)
  • For a lot of 4K video
  • Use up to 4 Beacons to cover a large house*
  • In case you have a lot of neighbors

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Beacon 6

beacon 6

  • A high-end mesh router with Wi-Fi 6 (AX4200)
  • For blazing fast high-resolution 8K video
  • Use up to 4 Beacons to cover a huge house*
  • In case you have too many neighbors

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*When used with the 5G CPE only 2 Beacons can be supported

Interference? What interference?